Our Story


Eat Well and Prosper.


The Union House Restaurant has always been our special place. We are absolutely honored to continue the Union House fine tradition of providing our guests world class cuisine and service. Our mission and passion is to provide you with an unforgettable dining experience every time you walk through our doors. We will be adding new exciting dishes, wines, bourbons, scotches, and other drinks for you to try while still providing some of your favorite menu items and our award-winning Old Fashioned cocktail. We made improvements to the interior and exterior of the Union House with your comfort and dining experience being of utmost importance which includes the addition of our new VIP room upstairs which seats 50 people. Please continue to enjoy one of the top historical restaurants in Southeastern Wisconsin as we want you also to call it your special place for many years to come.      


Meet The Team


Chef Lissie Vorberg


Executive Chef / GM

Following a life long passion for food, Lissie studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and honed her skills at some of Milwaukee’s finest restaurants.

From 2008-2010 Lissie worked at The Union House as a Sous Chef. She then founded Chef Lissie a Personal Chef and Catering Service where for the past 10 years has served a diverse clientele.

In February of 2020 Lissie was presented with the opportunity to rejoin The Union House Family and was eager to return.

When Lissie is not at the restaurant she enjoys the many adventures that life brings with her 3 children and Husband Nick.


Nick Vorberg


Assistant GM

Nick Vorberg joined the Union House as Assistant Manager and Bartender in February of 2020.

Nick grew up in the food service industry as his family owned a pizza restaurant in Southern Oregon where he grew to love being part of the restaurant family.

Before joining the Union House, Nick had an extensive professional playing and coaching career in soccer. Most notably he played several years as the GoalKeeper/assistant coach for the Milwaukee Wave (4 years for Union House owner Jim Lindenberg). Nick also coached at Marquette University and has been a youth soccer Director in Waukesha, SCWave where he is able to coach his two sons and one daughter.


Chef Michael Green



Michael Green is a graduate of the Art and Science of culinary from WCTC. 


Michael was a James Beard/ Sanford D’Amatto scholarship recepient, has received expert reviews by food critic Denis Ghetto and made the “Top 30” list by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel while at the Union House.

Michael is inspired by local and globally produced seasonal ingredients, farm to fork and slow food ideology. He is a father of two boys who love playing sports and spending time in back country expeditions.  




Since 1861...


Our story started back in 1861 when a 35-year-old Irish immigrant Patrick Lynch first opened the doors of The Union House Hotel. Located in beautiful Genesee Depot, the hotel was well-known throughout the community and a gathering spot for both locals and visitors. Due to the number of visitors passing through and requests for dining, The Union House kitchen would open around the same time. Adding dining only added to The Union House’s appeal as a meeting place for families, visitors and locals. They could now stay and dine on a meal that would be memorable. 

This is exactly what Patty and Curt Robinson wanted to keep going when they purchased the building and business in 1989. They wanted this to be a historic fine dining restaurant that would continually serve the community and travelers. With their incredible menu, wines and scotch list, The Union House has been named one of the 30 restaurants for over a decade in Southeastern Wisconsin. They were always known for fine country gourmet in a charming, historical setting. Curt and Patty offered The Union House’s dining experience to guests for over 30 years. They truly brought the community together and made guests feel like family.

Early 2020 the Robinson’s decided it was time to pass on their dining legacy to local entrepreneur and philanthropist Jim Lindenberg and his wife Heidi. They have both loved the restaurant for years, and it was an honor for them to carry on The Union House tradition. They were thrilled to announce the hiring of Executive Chef Lissie Vorberg who would carry on as Executive Chef and General Manager along with her husband Nick Vorberg who would come on board as Assistant Manager. Lissie has worked at establishments such as Couquette Café, Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro and previously at the Union House. She also attended culinary school in Chicago. Nick Vorberg grew up in the restaurant industry and was also a star goalie for the Milwaukee Wave. Together both Nick and Lissie are excited to carry on the fine dining tradition and dedicated to continue superior customer service. They along with the whole team want this to be a dining experience you will never forget!